Mining: the lifeblood of the Coast’s economy

Mining Conservation Land

Patrick Phelps manager of Minerals West Coast presents mining matters #2. In this video he outlines the case for sustainable mining on conservation land. This is brilliant Coasters and worth a listen.


Bathhurst’s Stockton Coal much sought after

Located in the Buller Coalfield on the West Coast, Stockton is the largest opencast mine in New Zealand. The mine delivers high-quality steelmaking coal for export.

Stockton coal is bituminous and ash levels are typically low by world standards. It’s highly sought after by steel makers because of its low ash and low phosphorus content. And it swells strongly on heating – an essential attribute for the production of quality coke.

In 2017, Bathurst expanded by forming a joint venture with Talley’s Energy and acquired three mines from the former state owned coal company, Solid Energy:

Stockton (West Coast) ,Rotowaro (Waikato),Maramarua (Waikato).

In the video below you can see the The Bathhurst coal loading facility at Granity.

Mining: the lifeblood of the Coast’s economy