West Coast Fishing – An industry of opportunity

Young Skipper seizes his opportunity

Chase Saunders-Loder

At the age of just 22, Chase Saunders-Loder from Motueka become one of the youngest fishing boat skippers in New Zealand, when he skippered his first boat in October 2015.

Saunders-Loder is one of the youngest ever to graduate with a skipper’s ticket from the International Maritime Institute of New Zealand at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

He says it took a bit of belief in himself to be in charge of fishermen nearly twice his age.

In 2020, he is 27 and has a bright future ahead of him in the fishing industry.

We get the chance to go on board the Resolution ll and meet Chase in person.


This video of the Resolution ll Crossing the Greymouth Bar in August 2016 was taken by BJ Hunter, Landscape Artist. NZ. It illustrates the skill and attention required when crossing the bar.


Following the Skipper on Resolution ll. On the bridge!


For those that like a good clean engine room, this one will blow you away.


A look through the galley and then it is back on deck where all the action takes place at sea: