A Chat Around the Fire

You are never lonely if you know what you believe!

David Seymour the ACT party leader joins me for this week’s Chat Around the Fire.

David grew up in Whangarei where his mother was a pharmacist and his father a draughtsman. He had two younger brothers. As a teenager, he moved to Auckland for high school then University of Auckland where he graduated with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Philosophy.

It wasn’t long into his engineering career when he was offered a role as policy analyst for a Canadian ‘think tank’. He took the opportunity and during his time in the role, appeared on almost every Canadian media outlet on topics ranging from taxes to taxi regulations.

After returning to New Zealand in 2011, David advised John Banks on the initial policy development for Partnership (or charter) Schools. He then went back to Canada to work with with Reform Party founder Preston Manning.

Today, David lives in central Auckland and, when he is not promoting ACT, tinkers with the sports car he built, plays guitar (when nobody else is in earshot), enjoys a craft beer and keeps up with friends and family.

David Seymour the Act party leader 02-07-2020

Coasters most of us have not had the chance to meet David Seymour the leader of the act party before so today its my pleasure to invite him to the coast online.David on this stunning Coast day it’s a big welcome.@David Seymour

Posted by The Coasters Club on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

You are never lonely if you know what you believe!