What the whitebaiters themselves are saying

The 2019 AGM of the West Coast Whitebaiters Association took place at the Hokitika RSA.

A full house were treated to a a brilliant presentation by Mike Hickford, a scientist who for the last 15 years has specialised in whitebait habitat.

A couple of bottom line facts are outlined by Mike:

  • The West Coast is the ONLY area with rivers closed to protect the species.
  • There is NO evidence to confirm a reduction in the species – only the knowledge that there are more white baiters for the same amount of bait.
  • White bait DO NOT return to the river they were spawned in.
  • There is evidence that the grassed sides of rivers, with trees, provides the best habitat for breeding.

Catch up with AGM here and listen to what Mike Hickford has to say:

What the whitebaiters themselves are saying