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Westland District Council buys Mountain Jade building

Council maintains its commitment to ensuring that the Carnegie Building has a long-term future through earthquake strengthening and refurbishment.

Council has agreed to purchase the Mountain Jade Building at 41 Weld Street, Hokitika. A final purchase price of $1.2 million, $300,000 less than first agreed, was negotiated.

Council felt comfortable after hearing the reports on the Building Assessment and Earthquake Assessment Review that this purchase will be an investment in the future of the town.

“Council was never going to buy the building on a whim,” explains Westland District Mayor Bruce Smith.

“We can see the opportunity this purchase gives us to create a vibrant entry to Hokitika.

“The swimming pool and the Discovery Centre will be on the Mountain Jade site, linking with the Pounamu Pathway on the other side of the road, explains the Mayor. “This will lead around to the refurbished Seddon House, past the new Mitre 10 shop and the upgraded Renton Building, to the refurbished Carnegie building. The result will be a stunning pathway from the east end of town right down to the Esplanade and along the beach to Sunset Point.

“It’s a unique opportunity created by an unforeseen set of circumstances and we thank John Sheenan for the way he has worked with Council to make the purchase a reality,’ says the Mayor.

Council is working to create something really positive in Hokitika as it ensures the infrastructure is in place to allow the town to be enhanced further. The result will be

a modern, world-class facility that will enhance the social and cultural wellbeing of the town and be enjoyed by the whole community.

Bruce Smith discusses the purchase of the mountain jade building in this clip:

Westland District Council buys Mountain Jade building