West Coast Fishing – An industry of opportunity

Westfleet – born out of a passion for fishing

In 1979, a group of some 25 hard working, forward thinking fisherman joined efforts and resources, starting the Westfleet Fishermans’ Cooperative Limited, by buying out what was at the time, Nelson Fisheries.

With an aim of securing a say in their own fishing future – faced with the ever expanding growth of large factories around New Zealand – the fisherman got to work, putting their vessels and their livelihoods out to sea on the Westcoast of New Zealand. With ownership of quota, wharf facilities, processing capacity and a distribution chain, Westfleet has supplied demanding markets with West Coast fish for many years.

Managing Director & CEO of Westfleet, Craig Boote, tells the story here:


“Having the best maintained inshore fleet with on board quality control and best practice fish handling, an efficient wharf facility and the new factory just ‘a forklift away,’ Westfleet is leading the way in Australasia when it comes to vertical integration.”

Craig Boote, Managing Director & CEO

Westfleet – born out of a passion for fishing