West Coast Fishing – An industry of opportunity

The Commercial Fishing Academy Training Programme

Provided by Westport Deep Sea Fishing School & North Beach Fishing Ltd

The new Level One and Two programme earns participants between 15 and 22 NZQA credits and runs for one year between February 2021 and November 2021.

It kicks off with a one-week block course and then has classroom sessions every Friday. Most of each week is spent in practical experience, working in the various parts of the fishing industry. 

What you learn
The following skills are included in the programme:

  • Vital industry health and safety requirements and practices
  • Essential communication skills including understanding fishing terminologies
  • How to follow important instructions on board a commercial fishing vessel
  • Skills for fixing fishing nets
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Loading, unloading and fish stacking skills

Employment options
The programme teaches skills leading to a number of industry options:

  • Commercial Fishing Deck hand leading to supervisory and skipper jobs
  • Fish processing roles
  • Seafood Retail or sales

Further Qualifications
Further study options on completion of Level One and Two include:

  • Certificate in Commercial Fishing (Level 3)
  • Certificate in Seafood Processing (Level 3)

For more details on the programme, phone Amy Moore direct on 027 696 7936.

The Commercial Fishing Academy Training Programme