The Coast Business Series

The West Coast is renowned for its innovative approach to life. Our people are always looking to express themselves in business ventures that draw deeply on the Coast’s resources and scenic attractions.

On the Coast we have businesses that are making national impact, food supply outlets that are at the top of their game as well as some historic establishments that are well worth a visit. You can check out some of them right here via our library of video clips.

Pub’N’Grub, Mokihinui

Meet Tony and Di of Mokihinui’s Pub ‘N’ Grub Mokihinui where family and community is everything. We discuss what makes what makes a small coastal settlement at the mouth of a river work on the Coast, ask how does such a community survive and proposer and look at how the business get its revenue.

Meet Tony and Di at the Pub ‘N’ Grub Mokihinui

Meet Tony and Di at the Pub ‘N’ Grub Mokihinui where family and community is everything.Mokihinui is the first of our look at what makes a small coastal settlement at the mouth of a river work on the Coast. How does the community survive and proposer ?How does business get its revenue ?A couple of common themes, the income during the whitebait season and that’s 2 weeks before as the stands are set up, the season itself and 2 weeks after as they are taken down makes up about 33% of the revenue streams. From Dec to the end of April with domestic tourism makes up another 33% and the rest comes when it comes and every one I have interviewed makes the statement that the last 33% is part of the cost of the unique life style we as Coasters treasure so much. Mokihinui takes us back to staff picnics and egg and spoon races where family was everything and our mates were solid and long term.Mokihinui is nestled under the western shoulder of Kahurangi National Park Mokihinui is a small coastal settlement on New Zealand’s West Coast in the South Island, about 40km north of Westport. It is situated between the sea and the foothills of the Glasgow Range and State Highway 67 passes through Mokihinui just before reaching its northern end on the other side of the Mokihinui river.The Mokihinui River is the West Coast’s third largest river which provides wonderful wilderness fishing for a large head of fish that can reach trophy size. This is one of the countries top wilderness rivers and has good fishing throughout its length though most popular are the two upper branches. Northern Buller is renowned for beautiful rugged coastline, shallow landfall, and spectacular bush clad mountains.The unique location provides access to Whitebaiting, Trout, Kahawai, and Herring fishing in the bordering river; and surfcasting for Rig and Snapper off the beach.The perfect place for Coasters to unwind. Light a beach bonfire, toast some marshmallows, and listen to the waves lapping at your doorstep and you can drop in to Pub ‘N’ Grub to enjoy the friendly country atmosphere, or takeaway and enjoy the outdoors at the nearby beach or picnic spot.

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The Gold Room, Hokitika

We talk to Barry Rooney of the Gold Room and discover the most stunning range of fine jewellery crafted from the most precious of all metals.

Craft Gallery Hokitika

The Craft Gallery on Tancred Street displays the very best in hand-crafted New Zealand giftware and works from local and national artist. We visit the gallery and talk with Svetlana, an artist who also works at the Gallery.

Hokitika Glass Studio

The colours of will astound and dazzle you as you walk around the studio and view the creative range of glass products for sale.

Hokitika Glass Studio

When you come home for Queens birthday weekend on of the attractions that is a must to visit is the Hokitika Glass Studio.The range of products is now exported as well as sold in New Zealand.Follow them on facebook and yes you can buy online.

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