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Stewardship land on the Coast is our single biggest issue

We look back on the issue in this clip by Bruce Smith.

For the Coast the issue is that we believe rates should be paid on stewardship land by DOC.

If DOC paid rates on Stewardship Land, the rates burden on Coast ratepayers would be lessened.

Currently only 16% of Coast land is rated. And opening stewardship land on the Coast to mining and other industrial pursuits will provide access to resources which have the potential to save this country, economically speaking. Stewardship land has been ‘locked up’ for 32 years now. It is time to independently evaluate this situation and determine what portion of stewardship land should be given over to production and what portion should be added to the National Park estate.


Shane Jones offers his support to the stewardship land debate.

Shane Jones helps highlight the issue and brings the debate to the forefront. He offers his, and NZ First’s, views to Coasters in clip.


Prime Minister changing her view on Stewardship land?

It seems the Prime Minister’s position has now changed from her original “no more mining on conservation estate” to suggesting that stewardship land should be classified differently to normal DOC managed land. Click the photo below to link to the article where she speaks to the issue here along with Resources Minister, Megan Woods.

This issue won’t go away and Forest and Bird and other extreme greens are singing the “we want it all again’, song. They need to go. Whatever Government we get after 17 October, the matter of stewardship land will not go away until its reclassified by an independent body.