Coast issues

One size does not fit all

In 2019 Coasters took to the streets once again to protest Government environmental policies which were seen on the Coast as leading to job losses and creating unemployment.

The message – one size does not fit all!


Any Government makes a mistake if it thinks it can walk all over Coasters. This  clip from the Clark/Anderton days shows ordinary Coasters voicing their concerns over job losses resulting from the government policies of the day.


The Coast is not afraid to make its voice heard, even on the most formal occasions. In this clip, West Coast Labour MP Damien O’Connor is taken to task by his local constituents, at the official opening of the new Taramakau road bridge on SH6.


And staying with the new Taramakau Bridge opening, these two clips from January 2019 shows the protests that took place at the opening of the bridge.  The protests, organized by the mining industry on the Coast, were aimed at Labour’s Plan’s to ban mining on Conservation land.