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Murray Molloy – a Coaster

Murray Molloy’s is a driving life; 52 years on the road and still going strong.

He started driving cars at eight years of age, trucks at 12 and he passed his HT on his 18th birthday.

Murray was a special guest at the Aratuna Freighters 2020 Awards at Shantytown last week.

His story is one of loyalty and passion for driving, have a listen Coasters:

Murray Molloys driving life, 52 years and still going strong

Meet a Coaster Murray MolloyThe event at Shanty town has a special guest tonght and its Murray MolloyStarted driving cars at 8Trucks at 12Got his HT on his 18th birthdayHis story is one of loyality and passion for driving, have a listen Coasters.

Posted by The Coasters Club on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Murray Molloy – a Coaster