Coast characters

Meet Arthur Dawson, another Coaster!

Arthur was born in Greymouth, lived in Cobden then moved out to Te Kinga where growing up was a delight.

He went to High School in Greymouth and then started work at the pipe works as a sheet metal worker. Arthur got head hunted by Jack Cooper at Cameron’s in 1957 and still works a full day every day there today.

Capturing the heart of the love of his life, Helen, was his best achievement! Together they raised three children – still his number one priority.

He discovered rugby and played for Blaketown then the Coast and moved on to coach both Blaketown and the Coast team. His love of horses led to an enjoyable involvement with the trotting club.

Check out the interview below – there’s a whole lot more to be told and the tales will bring a smile to your face. A very wise man is how best we can describe Arthur. Have a listen to him here:

Many thanks Arthur and Roger – it was a pleasure to chat with you both.

Meet Arthur Dawson, another Coaster!