West Coast Fishing – An industry of opportunity

Mark Guy – a fisherman’s tale

Mark Guy is the owner of the FV Bengal Bank, fishing out of Greymouth.

He started fishing out of Bluff as soon as he left school so he has been in the industry for quite some time. Mark has built up a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years.

Coaster’s Weekly had chance meeting with Mark and we recorded his tale of life as a fisherman and got his view on the industry as a whole. We were impressed with Mark’s depth of knowledge about the fishing industry. And we were encouraged to hear of the opportunities the industry presents for young people looking for a career. We discovered a young person can take up a fishing career and within three years  could be earning $120k plus a year! That’s excellent prospects by anyone’s reckoning.

Interested? Have a listen here to Mark’s story and see how he got started:

How to get started in the fishing industry

Amy Moore has been around fishing all her life.

From a pioneer Coast fishing family, she now drives the Trades Academy Programme, designed to introduce Coasters to the West Coast fishing industry. The programme will help you take the first step towards a career in an industry that’s helping keep New Zealand alive – both economically and as a source of essential protein!

In the video below Amy explains why fishing is a viable employment option for those about to leave school, as well as for those who are looking for a new career direction.

You can ring Ring Amy direct on 027 696 7936 to find out more.