Coast industry

Laurie Forestry

Forestry is an important industry on the West Coast.

Many Coasters have Pinus trees planted as shelter and a long-term investment. Laurie Forestry have operations throughout Canterbury, Otago and Westland and also four states in Australia. They provide consultancy, management and marketing services to forest owners, farmers, sawmills and manufacturers.

As the largest regional operator of privately-owned forests and woodlot harvests in New Zealand, Laurie Forestry draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge. This is applied to all aspects of their clients’ projects as well as to the marketing of logs nationally and internationally.

Included in their role in the industry on the Coast, the company updates Coasters each week on how the local market is going and discusses offshore markets like China.

Have a listen to Bruce Smith talking with Allan Laurie here:

Laurie Forestry