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Knife makers in the making

Let’s see what some of the people who have made a knife, think of the experience.

The best knifemaking day

“Super entertaining day and you even get to make a knife as well! Steven and Robyn are great hosts and the whole experience of making a knife was the best time.”


“We would give more stars if that would be possible! Definitely one of the highlights of our NZ trip.”

We loved every minute of it!

“Robyn and Steve were very nice and oh how we loved Steve’s wicked sense of humour 🙂

Their knowledge and helpfulness ensure everyone goes home with a beautiful souvenir.

The setting on a hill overlooking the bay is stunning too. Oh, and don’t forget to try your hand at axe throwing too.”


A nice way to experience a new craft

It’s a fun day. Steven and Robyn have this activity down to a fine art. The task of forging a blade, shaping it, fitting a handle and polishing the steel takes place over a day. You are busy and do everything yourself, but Steven tidies up the worst of any errors you make. While he does, you have time for the tasty lunch and the famous big swing.”


Knife makers in the making