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Well it has been a week in politics, that’s for sure.

Our parliament has been on the front pages for all the wrong reasons. The standard of behaviour of a couple of our politicians – now former politicians – has certainly let the country down.

And at a time when we need to being made aware of, not salacious gossip, but new and revised party policies as we gear up for an important election.

Then there has been the self-righteous stand made by Kiwi Bank against producers of coal, oil and gas and the opposition of the Green party to the local hydro scheme planned for Griffith Creek. If we keep going down this route, the Coast will soon be paying for the very air that it breathes, coal dust and all!

On a positive note though the student army from Canterbury University arrived in Hokitika last week and undertook gardening work on nine sites around the town. A great effort for which we are most appreciative.

And the new Te Nikau, Grey Hospital and Health Centre, has opened and I’ll be posting interviews over the next eleven days at lunch time covering various aspects of this $121 million development for the Coast.

Have a listen here as I outline a little more about this week’s happenings. And as always, let’s celebrate the positives and work hard to overturn the negatives!

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Bruce Smith

Inspiring stories, real news and the hard questions