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Wow! What a Labour Weekend it was.

So many events, so many great people, so many memories!

In fact, some are calling the Coast, ‘the events capital of NZ!’ We capture it all in this issue of The Coaster’s Weekly with pics and videos.

Our Coaster’s Pass this week takes you to Kumara’s very elegant Theatre Royal Hotel while our “Chat around the fire” says goodbye to another famous hotel in Greymouth, where once Queen Elizabeth II stayed.

We set a course for a career in the fishing industry with Mark Guy and Amy Moore, meet a couple of Coast Characters called David Stapleton and Jim Keenan and highlight AgFest 2020 in our featured posts from the Coaster’s Club.

Marc Zuckerman is a craftsman woodworker from Hokitika – we introduce you to him and give you the weekly poem from Mark Raffills.

A run down of events coming up on the Coast and updates from William’s Hotels Group and Aratuna Freighters, round-out the good read for this week.

Have a listen here as I run down this week’s stories:

Enjoy this 20th issue of the Coaster’s Weekly,
Bruce Smith

Inspiring stories, real news and the hard questions