Experience the joys of the Coast

There is something deep in our hearts that is always attracted to home – no matter how far away we might be. The brand new The Coasters Pass offers a weekly opportunity for Coasters to come home and experience afresh, the joys of the Coast.

Every Tuesday from 5.00pm, a limited number of The Coasters Pass will be made available to readers of The Coasters Weekly. The Pass offers a package of travel, accommodation and sightseeing that will save you hundreds of dollars.

We would love to see you come home as it will help our economy.

All major towns on the Coast will be included over time.

  • The Coasters Pass is only available over a 24 hour period between 5.00pm each Tuesday through to 5.00pm on Wednesday.
  • There are a limited number of passes on offer each week so it is first come, first served.
  • If you secure a pass you also get the right to purchase 5 others to ensure your group or family can all travel together on the same dates and make use of the other vouchers at the same time.
  • The Coasters Pass can be used at any time within 90 days of purchase. It’s an individual transferable pass.
  • Once the booking dates for accommodation, attractions and restaurants are confirmed they can’t be changed.

Come Home to Hokitika

This week’s The Coasters Pass opens at 5pm today, Tuesday 16 June 2020, and numbers are capped at 20.

The Coasters Pass this week is: Come Home to Hokitika

Cost of The Coasters Pass: $300

Here is what you get:


But wait, there is more, and it’s not steak knives!

Also included in The Coasters Pass this week:

  • A pass for the West Coast Scenic Waterways boat tour up the protected Mahinapu Creek
  • Your pass to the West Coast Tree Top Walkway
  • Your pass to experience the National Kiwi Centre

And when you visit, also allow time to see: The Hokitika Gorge, Lake Mahinapua, Lake Kaniere, The Wilderness Gallery, Hokitika Glass Studio, Glow Worm dell, Watch the sunset from the Hokitika beach, Bonz ‘n Stonz – Carve your own.

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