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Delivering the Thursday poem

Introducing Mark Raffills

We kick off this new series covering arts, culture and entertainment on the Coast by introducing Mark Raffills, a poet. Mark works in online communication, community engagement, graphics and marketing as his day job. But on Thursdays, he sits down and delivers a weekly poem online. These offer insights to the world as he sees it and often strike a chord that hits close to home and resonates with many.

Have a listen to his weekly poem here:

The Thursday Poem9 July 2020Three-and-one-half milesSometimes we find ourselves drowning in the sea of our own misadventure and folly. Sometimes we struggle to do the right thing when it would be easier to throw in the towel. Sometimes we find it hard to believe sufficiently in ourselves to swim against the prevailing tide. Sometimes it is difficult to be a little humble and take the hand-up that is offered us. Dr Jeff Obadiah Simmonds made the video. Anatori made the waves. Words below.Three-and-one-half milesMy struggle is in the white mountains of the long, raging seas,three-and-one-half milesfrom off the shore,half way between the horizonand the distant eternity.The waves pound so cruelly,smash my heart againstthe bones of my ribs and Ibleed internally, oh if all that I know should be buried here,then all that I know will be lost.The sun is too far away, its beams bent and twisted by the wind, it’s light so thin, unfeeling, how could it be the diamond in that crown, when little it comprehends of need and healing.I fear that I shall be ship wreckedon this wayward, western coast, no safe haven offers itself,no yellow line breaks the darknessof the black, suffocating sea; it is lack of breath I fear the most.And he comes, deafened by the windand the lion-roar of the waves,walking on the water, not keeping score;I saw him, asked him what he was doing here, just three-and-one-half milesfrom off the shore.Mark Raffills

Posted by Mark Raffills on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Delivering the Thursday poem