Mining: the life blood of the West Coast’s economy

And speaking of gold

Reefton is poised for another hard rock gold investment boom.

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals granted Tasman Mining a Mining Permit for the high-grade Blackwater gold deposit near Reefton. This approval grants the right to mine gold and silver from the site for a 20 year period.

Six decades after gold mining ceased in the area, Tasman Mining aims to set up an underground mine at the site of the historic Blackwater mine with a small surface footprint, an access point and infrastructure located on private land several kilometres away from the historic mine site. Tailings from the operation would be stored underground within the mine.

Exploratory drilling has shown the Blackwater deposit goes down at least 650m from the last workings. The rate of 23gms of gold per ton of excavation is world class. It seems good things are on the way for Reefton.

Mark Le Messurier gave this presentation at last year’s mineral forum in Dunedin:

And speaking of gold