A chat around the fire

Creating employment on the Coast is not a difficult task. In fact, we have a number of projects in the mining industry that are private funded and ready to go. Not only will they give a much-needed boost to our local economy but they will also be of benefit to the whole country.

With the change in the economic climate and Covid-19, I believe these employment opportunities cannot be overlooked.  Our Country and its regions need income and opportunities for our people.  We have many miners working abroad who are now away from their families. We could have them working back here. But instead, many of them are considering moving permanently with their families overseas. We do not want to export our people!

We want our people to have options, not government funded work schemes that provide no long term solutions. We do not need these. The projects we have ready to go will provide high paying jobs that will contribute to our region and society to make us more resilient.

Our mining industry on the Coast has the best practices for regeneration and renewal of the land. We can mine our minerals ethically with minimal threat to our environment.

Have a listen here to my thoughts on creating employment for the Coast and reviving our people and our economy.

Tania Gibson
Grey District Mayor

Watch and listen here:

A chat around the fire